"Carpe diem - Άδραξε τη μέρα" , 23 BC by Latin poet Horace

Πέμπτη, 7 Μαρτίου 2013

Lonely hearts

Dedicated to a friend..

The puzzle of a lost [ lonely ] soul..

I miss the way you treat my body with your hands..
the way you hug me and kiss my cheeks..
Cause when I'm in your arms, you always smell me..
all the time..
I've never thought that my smell is so important to you..
I thought that you have forgotten it through years..

You and me..
my biggest dream of all..
my foolish one..
my misery..
your smile there, my heart here..
my life here, your dreams there..without me..

There is a picture..
a small, tremulous, dark one..
Your smile is so obscure.. imperceptibly..
I steal every day a look..
Your eyes, your face, your hands, your body, your soul, your aura..
I want you so desperately despite the distance..

{And I will make sure to keep my distance}

Take a look at my soul..
There is a disaster behind, don't you see?

A love full of worries..
Big troubles for nothing..

Yesterday I felt free for the first time.. after so many years..
I cried inside me..
I felt the emptiness of my soul and I was there.. so beautiful again.. so alone..
I was myselt..  without anyone of you..

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